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Honey House is a vibrant yet intimate education program concept. Our space is nestled in the Southern Suburbs, Cape Town.

Our Education. Our Family. Our Community

Education is all about addressing the individual needs of each child, and allowing for progress to take place organically. 

“Home-based¬†education is…how people learned to function in the world for centuries. And there is no reason to think that people today can’t do the same thing.”

– Wendy Priesnitz

We offer

* Beautiful learning spaces
* Wide selection of learning resources
* Clear guidance
* Gently structured work time
* Low-stress environment


Blended Montessori and CAPS approach/ wide selection of varied resources and Montessori-style presentations.

Reading / Writing

Language and Literature


Maths & Geometry

Natural Sciences

Social Sciences

Art & Music

History and Geography

Botany and Zoology

Critical Thinking

Practical Life

Academic and Social Development