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Our Story

The Honey House program was founded by Sarah,  a qualified teacher with more than 15 years’ teaching experience. Sarah completed her PGCE at UCT and Montessori courses with AMI and MCSA, and has a passion for early years education.

The heart behind Honey House is the vision to have a society filled with children that think logically and laterally, reason, ask questions, engage actively in learning spaces, inquire, are independent, struggle and persevere and who are unique in their skills, pursuits, interests and outlook on life. There needs to be a shift in the way we learn and educate and making the change begins with us.

“Let the world become our classroom. Fling open the windows and doors. Let your curiosities spill out into the fields and forests, where your children can pursue their passions and make the most of their one wild and precious life.” Ainsley Arment. 

“We are about Passion and Purpose” 

Meet the founder

I believe in creating an educational space that is creative, inspiring and safe, encouraging learners to explore their unique talents and abilities and interact in healthy ways socially. I feel that children should be inspired to think laterally and practically, as well as taught their intrinsic value and worth, that they grow to be confident, independent and well-rounded and to respect the significance of others”

Sarah has developed a  broad range of learning resources and curricula supported by the NAMC Curriculum, and in line with, and over and above, CAPS requirements, for educational support and learning .  

Benefits of a small group working environment

* Higher levels of personal engagement

* Holistic learning

* Increased independence

* Greater confidence in the children

* The encouragement of lateral and critical thinking

* Flexibility and creativity

* Alternative approaches to learning, visual and interactive

“When the atmosphere encourages learning, learning is inevitable.”

Elizabeth Foss

What We Offer

🌿 A learning space with a personal approach
🐝 Wide selection of learning resources, clear guidance, gently structured lesson-time and a low-stress environment
🌿 Presentations, research projects, workbooks, literature, art, crafts and outings contribute towards a holistic learning process
🐝 SACE registered teacher
🌿 Detailed feedback reports
🐝 Montessori-style lessons
🌿 Support principles of natural living
🐝 Lessons are offered in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town
🌿 One-on-one Tutoring and Extra Lessons are also available for Grade 1-12

Curriculum Resources

Blended CAPS and Montessori Curricula


Age 6-9
Age 9-12
One-on-one tutoring and
extra lessons also available

Why Honey House?

Smaller group environment

More personal attention

Alternative approach

Focus on independence


What Our Families are Saying

While we’ve always believed in alternative education, we somehow found ourselves with two children in very traditional schools! Lockdown inspired our family to reassess so many things, and deciding to opt for a homeschooling approach was one of the best things we have ever done. We have watched our children flourish, academically and socially, and maintain health and perspective in a very challenging world. Far from ad hoc lessons around a dining room table, Sarah has created a relaxed but structured environment with exceptional educational resources. Learning has been fun and easy for the children and it’s been a joy to witness their growth. – Jo and Bevis

Sarah is a patient and understanding teacher who takes a keen interest in each child’s progress and development. She encourages her students to expand their thinking and is an avid listener. Sarah is a pleasure to deal with and provides a rewarding and memorable learning experience. – Leilani McDonald

I expected the transition to small-group learning to be challenging for Italia but it has honestly been the most amazing experience. It has been wonderful to witness the emerging independence and self-discovery, over and above the significant academic progress.  I was sceptical about alternative schooling, but have experienced the benefits first hand.  –  Carina Bruwer